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Hosting change is a good thing

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Dear present and former Working Design clients, As we know, our websites are in constant need of TLC, updates and tweaks. There is one decision that the security, performance and  reliability of your website and email depends on: your hosting provider. Many of us in the last few years migrated from previous hosting providers to Site5 because no one could match their quality of  service, and their outstanding, fast and reliable customer/technical support system. Well, that is not the situation [ … read more ]


WordPress Updates and Security Subscription 2017

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The WordPress Updates and Security Subscription Package is designed to keep your website working trouble-free 24/7/365. Regular upgrades plus maintenance and tight security measures go a long way towards ensuring that your website stays as strong and functional as when it was launched. Your subscription to the WordPress Updates and Security Package guarantees that your site will be up to the latest industry standards and best practices. The protection it offers is focused on the WordPress CMS and on viruses [ … read more ]

Nine questions to ask about your web project

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You’re about to develop your business’s first web application, website, mobile app or overhaul the one you have. You start thinking about the content – text, illustrations, downloadable materials, photo galleries, the blog – and how to present it all. But wait! Before you even get to that stage, it’s important to step back and get a wider view. You need to identify your applications’s purpose and the kind of results you expect. Your application has to do what you [ … read more ]